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Charloft Cupid Challenge

novel - animated
So I did the charloft Cupid Challenge, as I can't resist this sort of thing, and it was a good way to do worldbuilding for the prostitute novel, which I have been neglecting lately. Anyway. I did several entries, but here's the best one (it's a prose poem/flash fiction).

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Shackleton's Scotch challenge

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Woah! 2 instances of me putting up writing on my LJ in THE SAME MONTH. It's like we have entered a space-time continuum! And to make it even weirder, I am making this entry PUBLIC. Why? Because it is part of the Shackleton's Scotch flash fiction challenge, and I need to put my entry in a blog of some kind and put the link in the challenge thread, and I don't use to showcase my personal writing endeavors. So yanno. Here is what I wrote. It's untitled. I hate having to title things.

(444 words)

He's not sure why he went to the bar on a Thursday night, especially since he'd stayed out till last call on Wednesday. But she's hot, hot enough to drive him out into the bitter February cold. Unfortunately, she gets drunk too quickly. The smoking intellect the matches her perfect figure is obliterated an hour in. Suddenly, she's boring, and even her curves can't hold his interest. He wonders how much fun he can have with her, if he can make this disappointment worth the time he should be spending on his dissertation.

“We should get out of here. I have a bottle of Shackleton's scotch at home.”

“Nooooooo you don't,” she squeals, slapping him on the arm. “You know how gullible I am. Don't toy with me.”

“I'm not toying with you. I have a friend who comes from a very rich family – old money, you know? – and I was the best man in his wedding. He gave me a bottle as a thank-you. I'm not sure how he got it, but those people have connections, know what I mean? So yeah, I have a bottle, I just only bring it out for special guests.”

“Special guests?”

“Yeah. So do you wanna come over, check it out?”


She stumbles over herself trying to hop down from her bar stool and hurries toward the door without leaving any cash for her tab. He sighs and throws a twenty on the bar, following her out. He grabs her arm to keep her from tripping over the cracks in the pavement, and she leans in so heavily she weighs him down. He can't tell whether or not this is a failed attempt to be sexy.

Back at his apartment, he puts on music and heads for the kitchen, but she has other ideas.

“Let's dance!” she squeals, grabbing his wrist and hauling him around the floor. He puts up with this for two songs before he's had enough.

“Have a seat.” He sets her on the couch more forcefully than he should, then heads to the kitchen and pokes through the pantry, hoping she's either too drunk or too stupid to recognize that taste of Tamdu single malt is not the same stuff hauled out of Antarctic ice.

But she's passed out in a drunken stupor by the time he walks back into the living room.

And now I don't even get to fuck her, he thinks, wincing as he downs both drinks before heading to his bedroom. I only hope she won't remember to call me on the Shackleton thing when she's sober.

charloft Winter Bingo

I'm doing the Winter Bingo Challenge at charloft because why not? It's still a long way to poem-a-day in April. And brainstorming/worldbuilding on the new novel has stalled out, so I'm hoping this will somehow get my brain in gear - even if it's all winter-themed.

So here is my randomly-generated Bingo card for the challenge. I'll probably post everything I write in the comments section on this entry.

snuggle fizz frost rosebud peppermint
lights naughty list luminaries 12 days of Christmas fig
goodwill stockings grandma tape
choir holiday charity windy flake
a Christmas memory Misrule plaid tinsel winter

Get your own CharLoft Winter Bingo Card at


I am sure this goes without saying, but just so I have it in writing:

Do not repost any of my entries here to Twitter or Facebook. Ever.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Official 100 Drabbles Post

How it works: This will be the one and only entry I have for my drabbles. I'll post the prompt schedule here (50 words/phrases, 25 photos, 25 author's choice), and for each day I write, I'll post the newest drabble in the comments (might post some at Dorla's blog, too, but I haven't decided yet). So bookmark this and if you want to check my progress, revisit this entry at the end of the day for new drabbles in the comments.

Also, for the record, I'm going to attempt to make most of these NSFW. You have been warned.

EDIT: Trigger warning on drabbles #99 and #100. Starting a story about (largely psychological/emotional) spousal abuse, using these two drabbles as character sketches. References to said abuse present in these drabbles.

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Well, that was a waste of my life

So after 2 hours of trying to find a wig, I settled on a box of black hair dye and a box of dye remover. Let the hilarity begin. I can already hear you laughing.

An Overview of the Cleveland Food Co-Op

Produce: Outstanding (+50)
Cheese: Poor (-30)
Bread: Poor (-15)
Bulk items: Outstanding (+15)
Selection total: +20
Notes: Bread and cheese quality was good, but very little variety. Quite disappointing.

Other Qualities
Supports Local Farmers/Businesses: +40
Membership Plan for Discounts: +5
Other Total: +45
Notes: Not sure if discount will be cost-effective if I don't plan to stay on in Cleveland. It's a $30 lifetime membership, for 5% off groceries every time.

Grand Total: +65

I want to support this place, but seriously, there was very little in terms of bread and cheese options. These are very important qualities. Still, much better than Dave's. I'm going to try Zagarian's next.

Now, time to feed the degus and then see if there are any black wigs available anywhere in Cleveland. I got invited to a belated Halloween party and Jon and I are going as Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace.


Below: The video for "Coffee" (Aesop Rock feat. John Darnielle).
I think the video insists on showing a stupid trailer for a cell phone plan, video completely rocks anyway.
Be warned, it's on par with (or maybe just a step below) any horror movie gore-fest or Tarantino film.
I am so upset that tmg is not getting closer than 2 hours to Cleveland this tour, and when they do get within 2 hours it's always days I teach and I teach late so I can't ever make it. Grrrrrr.


Weird Dreams On My Trip

Thursday night: Dreamed I converted to Judaism and had to read from the Torah at Sharev Tikvah. Both Jasons and one of my former profs (BB) came and sat in the back and heckled me and threw popcorn.

Friday night: Dreamed I was assaulted by a Jehovah's Witness. He put his hand over my mouth to make me shut up, and I broke away screaming, calling him a "crazy evangelical." He started to attack me and I was saved because on of my professors decided to talk to the guy.



Grocery Rant

Normally, I shop at Dave's because it's five blocks from my house and it's CHEAP. Dave's USED to be Giant Eagle, but then that particular store closed, Dave's took over, and it's gone downhill since. So much so that I think today was my last time shopping there. Here is why:

1) They rarely have pasta for $1/pound. As cheap as they are, paying more than $1/pound for pasta is completely ridiculous.
2) PRODUCE SECTION OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. This is the second week in a row that the bulk spinach has been rotting right there on the shelf. The prepackaged Fresh Express is always nice, but dammit, if I'm going to pay that much for produce, I might as well go to Whole Foods. I buy from the bulk veggies section because it's cheap. And also the second week in a row that every single bunch of bananas has been completely green. All of the Golden Delicious apples were bruised. The store owner has been talking about boosting the produce section since May, and it's almost NOVEMBER.

So I'm looking into other options:

1) Cleveland Food Co-Op. Just off campus, so not too far away. Would be good for supporting local businesses and farms, sustainable agriculture, buying locally, etc. Probably not all that expensive, at least compared to some other options. However, not in the best part of town; it's right on the border of University Circle and East Cleveland. Would definitely want a shopping buddy.

2)Giant Eagle location in South Euclid. Well, it's within 5 miles . . . negligibly more expensive than Dave's, and farther than the Co-Op.

3) West Side Market. Biggest problem: it's on the West Side. Not very far west; it's just outside of downtown. But unless it's ridiculously cheap, I don't think it's worth the drive.

4)Whole Foods. Based out of Austin, yay! Reasonably priced goat cheese, yay! Reasonably priced anything else? Not really. Plus, I have the sneaking suspicion that they are secretly evil.

5)Heinen's. It's a local chain, meaning I'd be helping to keep money in Cleveland. However, they're kind of upscale. Slightly pricier than Giant Eagle, but a bit cheaper than Whole Foods.

6)Zagara's Marketplace. Another local place, which is good. Not sure of their prices, but closer than Heinen's and Giant Eagle. I'm definitely going to check this place out, because I'm curious.

7)Trader Joe's. Pretty cheap! However, the closest one is on Chagrin Blvd. in Beachwood. It's not terribly far away, definitely closer than the West Side Market, but farther than pretty much all other possibilities.

So I'll definitely be trying the Co-Op and Zagara's next. We'll see where that goes.


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